Saturday, April 23, 2011

Covers that you might not have known are covers: "My Sweet Lord"

Semi-apropos of this weekend's celebration of the Great Zombie Uprising of 33 A.D., this week's cover that you might not have known is a cover is George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord," which is at least partly a reworking of the Chiffons' "He's So Fine."

"My Sweet Lord" was a worldwide hit and went to number 1 in the US. (Despite the fact that it was a paean to Vishnu, not Jesus; note the "Hare Krishna" chant that begins about three minutes in.) But it was an unusual "cover" in that it was plagiarized. And, unlike Led Zeppelin, Harrison didn't get away with it. He was sued and lost the case.

Familiar version: George Harrison, "My Sweet Lord" (1970)
Original version: The Chiffons, "He's So Fine" (1963)

"My Sweet Lord"

"He's So Fine"

Bonus (just because I like it):
"My Sweet Lord," The Wailing Souls (1998)

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