Sunday, April 17, 2011

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (4/17/2011)

Semi-related to my post about how Mormons watch movies:

Another entry in that peculiar religious conservative genre, "Hollywood is decadent, immoral, evil, and corrupt... and I desperately want their products."

Why are all Christian movies bad?

Or maybe the problem is just that movies made as reverent propaganda never work, no matter what the ideology?

And not-necessarily-about-movies links:

Shockingly undemocratic action in Michigan: Emergency Financial Manager fires entire town government.

Oral composition and the Book of Mormon.

I suppose it's much easier to live in a fantasy world where you can make up things about what former believers are like than it would be to actually listen to some of them and find out.

The moment I became a feminist.

The Geek Zodiac (I'm an "Alien").

Who would win a fight between Batman and Harry Potter?

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