Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (4/22/2011)

A bishop's resignation letter.

Mitt Romney's greatest regret.

Why patients are not consumers.

Bacterial ecosystems divide people into three types.

How do atheists absolve themselves of guilt?

The best-paid athletes from 182 countries.

Fascinating images randomly captured by Google Street View (h/t: The Meming of Life).

Before there was Photoshop, there were artists.

Some people are really loyal to their noodles.

"Evribodi gotted up an taeked him to Pilate. An dey wuz all 'Diz d00d iz makin trubl, interferin wif teh IRS. He evn sez hez a king LOL.'
So Pilate wuz liek, 'Iz u teh king of teh Jooz?'
Jesus wuz liek 'Yep, srsly.'"

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  1. The 'Bishop's Resignation' letter was interesting, not leastly because Mormon apologist Mike Ash showed up in comments.

    His argument was "The Church hasn't been hiding things! You were just too lazy to look!"

    Then, when other commenters pointed out that this was rather arrogant and dismissive, he said, "Exactly as I expected! Angry critics. I've got better things to do than argue with youlot."

    And he was off.

  2. Interesting. The ex-bishop has now made the post "password protected." It can be found here though.

  3. My favorite was the randomly captures images from Google. It's amazing what they capture in any given moment, especially when it's from the satellite view. Street view is a little bit more comprehensible, but the aerial shots are something else. And, the site about pin-ups from picture to paint is amazing- especially how they were able to alter the images and womens' bodies.


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