Friday, April 29, 2011

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (4/29/2011)

"Forty years ago the most influential representatives of our largest corporations despaired. They saw themselves on the losing side of history. They did not, however, give in to that despair, but rather sought advice from the man they viewed as their best and brightest about how to reverse their losses. That man advanced a comprehensive, sophisticated strategy, but it was also a strategy that embraced a consistent tactic – attack the critics and valorize corporations!"

A more militarized CIA for a more militarized America.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement finally starting to leave DREAM students alone and concentrating on deporting criminals.

Speaking of immigration, some politically conservative Mormons now find themselves forced to do what liberal Mormons have long done: pretend to themselves that they're not disagreeing with their church.

ALS researcher trying to finish one final paper before he dies of ALS.

Hitchens on the royal wedding.

People killed by Satan in the Bible: 10
People killed by God in the Bible: 24,634,205

Trump claims to be worth $2.7 billion. If he'd invested his money in the stock market and left it alone instead of making "deals," he'd be worth $5.7 billion.

Can't imagine why this guy isn't married.

Darwinism, democrats, and homosexuality, oh my! Creeping liberalism at BYU.

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