Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (4/5/2011)

Lafcadio Hearn demonstrates how not to let a woman down easy: "You cannot make yourself physically attractive to me. Don’t try. I am an artist, a connoisseur, a student of beauty, and it is very hard to please me. Don’t disgust me, please—"

Obama's cowardly, stupid, and tragically wrong decision.

The most uncounted cost of Endless War: the way it is exploited to endlessly erode core liberties.

Make no mistake: the Republican plan is intended to end Medicare.

Preliminary review by critic who set out to disprove the consensus on global warming finds that the data are solid.

The Redistribution Fairy is dead, but she lives on in economists' fantasies.

Christian women, get your burkas on!

There was probably no archaic-to-modern transition in Homo sapiens.

Ten advertisements that shocked the world.

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