Saturday, April 16, 2011


Imagine that you're a professional athlete, and you're gay.
Imagine that during a road playoff game, the crowd -- thousands of people -- boos you and chants "faggot" every time you touch the ball.
Imagine that after the game, you have to face the media and answer questions about your sexuality.
Imagine what that would be like.


Imagine that your team and its fans rally behind you.
Imagine that for your next game, at home, your team passes out pink thundersticks with your name on them, turning the entire arena pink in your honor.
Imagine that your entire team comes out wearing pink warmup jerseys to show its support for you.
Imagine that your teammate -- one of the best players in the world -- who plays a position that wears a different-colored jersey during games, plays the game wearing a rainbow jersey.
Imagine that the crowd unfurls a giant banner that says "Against Prejudice."
Imagine what that would be like.

Imagine what that would be like, because it all just happened to a pro volleyball player in Brazil (h/t: Sociological Images).

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  1. This story is the coolest.

  2. It's one of the cruelest and then one of the most uplifting things I've seen lately.


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