Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This poem by Katie Makkai -- the part at the end -- brought tears to my eyes. I've tried to teach my daughters something like this. I don't think I've succeeded too well; the culture is too strong, and probably not just my message but I personally have been deeply subverted by it. But I hope they know -- at least sometimes -- that this is true.

(H/t: Sociological Images)

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  1. Wow. My wife's gonna love this. She's doing her best to make sure our daughter will too when she's old enough to understand. Thanks!

  2. Pretty ... awesome. I gotta pass this one on. Powerful.

  3. I love this, too. Hope you don't mind if I lift it as well. My mother did such a good job of this. She was special in so very many ways. I never thought I was pretty. I was a tomboy to the core. Had freckles all over my face where I'd played in the sun all summer long. I hated them. When I said that she always, always retorted. A girl without freckles is like a night without stars. She always thought all of her children were beautiful.

  4. I saw this a few months ago and found it incredibly powerful. I want to share it with my daughters but I know that all they will hear is "fuck" and won't hear the message. Sad.

  5. I just reposted this as well. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hey, thanks everyone. I'm glad you appreciated it.


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