Monday, May 09, 2011

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (5/9/2011)

Vermont is working on single-payer health care.

Teachers deserve to have private lives.

Here's a Mormon missionary story that's hard to top: My first missionary companion eloped.

Irreconcilable differences: on being the child of a gay dad and a straight mom and then marrying a gay man (PDF).

Scientists give computers schizophrenia.

"Comparing the genomes of Tibetans and Han Chinese, the majority ethnic group in China, the biologists found that at least 30 genes had undergone evolutionary change in the Tibetans as they adapted to life on the high plateau."

A gym chain for people who a) don't want to work out hard and b) don't want anyone around them to be working out hard either is making lots of money. Takes all kinds, I guess (h/t and good discussion: TNC).

People who do work out hard: Navy SEAL training.

Remember that picture of a crying, blood-splattered little Iraqi girl whose parents had just been shot at an American checkpoint? Six years later, she's not doing that great.

"...after a trillion plus dollars spent on the wars, after thousands of soldiers killed, that what it took to get Osama bin Laden was a criminal investigation and an intelligence operation followed by a quick strike. As we ponder our dead, all our dead, as we remember and make silly statements about 'closure,' let us wonder what might have been for the United States had that been our approach all along."

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