Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (6/21/2011)

Republican efforts to combat imaginary voter fraud conveniently suppress Democratic votes.

Further proof that America has the best healthcare system in the world.

Christopher Hitchens reviews David Mamet. (He doesn't like the book.)

How drugs took over psychiatry.

You, too, can't have a body like this.

World's oceans in shocking decline.

What Mother Nature thinks of us.

An actual LDS ward Relief Society (women's group in a local congregation, for those of you who don't speak Mormon) activity: an Eternal Princess Tea Party. ISYN.

Today's little known fact from the world of science: "...only Christians make good scientists, and ... any other faith, including those with no faith at all, make worse scientists."

I really like Henry Rollins, and this is a pretty good rant, but this response (featuring the Techno Viking!) pwns him (videos; language NSFW/C/P).

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