Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (7/28/2011)

"What's most striking ... is that the Norwegian response to the Oslo attack is so glaringly un-American [in] its core premise -- a brave refusal to sacrifice liberty and transparency in the name of fear and security...."

But at least they know they're free: IKEA workers in Sweden make $19 an hour and get five weeks of paid vacation. IKEA workers in Virginia start at $8 an hour, with 12 vacation days (temps get less).

Evolution in New York City.

So, if only 10 percent of people accept the conclusions of this survey....


Dancers among us.

Terrifying ventriloquist dummy portraits.

If you meet the Bufo in the pond, kill him.

The Weird Book Room.

The 10 biggest mistakes in Transformers 3 (besides making it, etc.)

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