Monday, August 22, 2011

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (8/22/2011)

Where is the graveyard of dead gods?

The rich are different -- and not in a good way.

(This was true in my anecdotal experience too.)

The rich are different: they have more money.

The rich are lol different.

The warrior wasp!

Naked Barbies: "a poison worse than the black plague of death itself and should be avoided at all costs, lest it rot your mind like an unstoppable rebel force."

What it's like to play online games as a grownup.

Kanji shirt FAIL.

I am a grown ass-man.

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  1. Regarding the "Barbie" post -- the central advice is crazy beyond words. But I'm also shocked by her cavalier attitude towards Legos!

    A good mom doesn't say "there are LEGO pieces we've resigned we'll never find"! She regularly finds every Lego in the house and obsessive-compulsively sorts them into 70 different categories, each in its own individual Tupperware container, like I do.

    I'm half-joking. I don't think that's a requirement for being a good mom -- I recognize that everybody has their own style. ;)

  2. I'm not sure how seriously to take the Barbie post. I want to think it's a joke, but I can easily imagine some Mormons actually doing something that nutty.

    Your Lego sorting, OTOH, makes perfect sense to me.

  3. It's actually kind of Zen as a task (hence a good break from my real job), otherwise I wouldn't do it. Also, I get so sick of them constantly asking for new toys. When they can easily find all of their Legos again, it's equivalent to getting a new toy -- they really do build a bunch of new stuff.

    I think I'll write a post about this on my own blog. It's crazy, and yet there's a method to my madness. ;)

  4. How odd. I sign on to write a paean to "The Graveyard of Dead Gods," too taken with that first link to go further, and find there's a Lego link I have to follow. My whole West Coast family is off to Legoland today to delight the high and exalted youngest one, age four. I elected to be left behind to read blog posts cursorily. Your comments have foiled me. I've now read them all, just to try to find one bit about Legos. How badly I've been used! And how totally hooked.

  5. One of my professors used to say that the internet is like that friend who always calls you up and asks you to go out for a beer with him when you should be studying.

  6. In case you thought I was kidding, I wrote my promised Lego post!

  7. I know you would never kid about Legos.

  8. I showed the picture from "Kanji shirt fail" to my boyfriend, who is a Japanese national. He just lost it. Very funny.

    I was great to have equal time after all that Engrish I've shown him over the years.

  9. I've been following Hanzi Smatter (the Chinese and sometimes Japanese counterpart of for a long time; that's one of the best ones ever.


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