Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In which I am roasted by anthropomorphic cats with opposable thumbs

I was talking with my seven-year-old daughter about sleep and dreams, and she asked me if I ever had nightmares. So I told her about the first nightmare I can remember. I had it when I was four, and I still remember it vividly.

I had been captured by two big black cats. They could stand on their hind legs and do things like tie knots and build fires. They had tied me up and hung me over a fire to cook in the classic position. One of them started poking me with a big fork to see if I was done.

The end.

Do you remember any of your childhood nightmares?

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  1. I remember a childhood dream, probably from around age 4 or 5, which involved a big haunted-type house. To be clear, it wasn't actually haunted, but it had a very "haunted house" sort of design, and it had hidden doors and trapdoors that opened into chutes and slides and things like that. I think there were some traps, too, because at one point I was curled up inside an big rubber tire in order to avoid getting squished by the roof, which was coming down to flatten the stuff on the floor.

  2. Interesting. Was it scary?

  3. When I was five or six, I dreamed that a giant spider crept up behind me as I was reading a book by the fireplace. The enormous spider proceeded to scratch at me with its front legs. I have no idea what the dream meant, but it startled me!

  4. Age four, recurrent napmare: A needle in a ballerina tutu spins circles on the busy street in front of my house, which has turned into an ice skating rink. It spins smoothly until it comes to an intersection of two old wooden buildings, forming a corner. There, the needle trips over shoelaces that are hanging out of an old wooden box of shoes. She falls. Then the angry elf faces rush at me, jeering and I wake up.

    Had this dream so many times, I could tell it in my sleep.

  5. I had one that involved Ed Sullivan and a net full of milk on my living room wall.

  6. @Ahab Agh! Spiders!

    @Nance I've had face-rushing dreams before. I hate those.

    @Zena A net full of milk... bottles?


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