Sunday, September 25, 2011

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (9/25/2011)

The power of political lying.

Perry gets confused about foreign policy during debate. (But a] does this surprise anyone, and b] does anyone think Republican voters care if their candidates don't know facts?)

If you care about science, by now you've probably heard about the faster-than-light neutrinos. I'm betting it's a measurement error.

Australian Aborigines separated from other people about 70,000 years ago.

Scientists take steps towards decoding and reconstructing images from inside people's brains.

Power without status leads to rudeness.

Official cause of death: spontaneous human combustion.

Why don't other countries use ice cubes?

How to get rid of clingy guys.

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  1. Very cool, as always!! That brain imagery technology is something I've fantasized about since I was a kid!

    Regarding ice, I think that simply saying "it's cultural" is a sufficient explanation. Sure, trends have sources and reasons they propagate in various places, but there's also a large component of randomness.

    My husband (who is French) loves drinking Coke with ice in it. I don't generally put ice in drinks (unless I'm in the US and there's an ice dispenser beside the drink dispenser -- in which case I just fill my drink the way everyone else does, without thinking about why).

    Here in Europe, I like to drink wine and beer and juice and some Turkish yoghurt drink I recently discovered -- and in each case one can argue that you don't want want to dilute the drink with water. But there's also the point that there's no ice handy, and (perhaps most importantly) I don't want my drink to be that cold. Even water -- why does it need to be ice cold to drink it?

  2. Thanks. I think soda actually tastes better the colder it is -- almost frozen is best -- but you can't really get it that cold with ice cubes, and they dilute the drink as soon as they start to melt. OTOH, some drinks, milk for example, don't taste as good if they're very cold.


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