Saturday, September 03, 2011

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (9/3/2011)

The worst LDS (Mormon) talks (sermons) ever.

The Republican war on voting.

The CIA sent prisoners to Libya for torture.

How Walmart trains managers.

The Plumpy'nut saga.

Superbugs predate wonder drugs.

How the Great Recession forces graduates of elite colleges into desperate lives of rock stardom.

Why nerdy introverts like Japanese culture?

A dating site for Ayn Rand aficionados.

Bus art. More bus art. Even more bus art.

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  1. I really do wonder what Ayn Rand fans would do during a date, besides compare notes on ATLAS SHRUGGED and bask in the radiance of their own perceived superiority. Then again, I'm only a meatbot producing a series of vocalizations induced by my spinal cord. What would I know about objectivist ubermenchen?

    :: snorts ::

  2. From the little I know of Rand's biography, her love life was as chaotic as one would expect from any cult founder.


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