Friday, September 09, 2011

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (9/9/2011)

Revisiting the Bush Doctrine.

High-stakes testing in schools will always lead to widespread cheating. Always.

Do you need a hero?

Ten things everyone should know about time (no. 4 and no. 10 are the trippiest).

Huh. Some people actually say things like "My car needs washed."

Mormon missionaries told to stop bothering people on buses.

Wearing your shoes inside the house is a filthy custom. Americans simply have no idea how dirty they really are.

Hey White Guys: Shut up and listen for a change!

Prodding the feral otaku.

A cool optical illusion.

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  1. Wow, that's weird that M* would consider it rude for hosts to set rules in their houses as simple as taking off shoes so as not to leave dirt etc. in their living space.

    His claim about how wearing shoes indoors is the custom in the US and most of Europe is also interesting. I've been living in Europe (France and Switzerland) for ten years, and everyone I know leaves their shoes at the door when they come in the house or apartment.

    It may be a generational thing or a new custom, though (imported from Japan...?). If I'm remembering correctly, we wore our shoes in the house when I was a kid (in the US), but today my parents leave their shoes at the entrance of their house, just like everyone else.

  2. Yeah, I bet the author has no problem with telling guests not to smoke or drink in his house. It's only rules that he finds personally inconvenient that are "rude." And he's simply wrong when he says his shoes aren't necessarily dirty. There's no such a thing as a clean shoe.

  3. I love that Mormon mishies are being called out for trying to convert people on the bus. And the church leader's comment that people should simply get up and walk away ... really? Mormon mishies can't understand/respect, "Um, I'm not interested in your religion. Please stop talking to me about it."?

  4. Being rude enough to bother people was actually one of things I found hardest about my own mission. It obviously doesn't trouble a lot of mishies, though.


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