Friday, September 02, 2011

High concept Japanese comedy

I had an idea for a sitcom once. There would be three young Japanese or Japanese-American women named Mi, Yu, and Ai (pronounced "me, you, I"). They'd all be roommates or friends or something in some big city like LA or New York. Hijinks would ensue whenever they met new people and had to introduce each other.

For example:
Ai: This is Mi.

New Person: That's you?!

Yu: No, I'm Yu.

New Person: You're me?

Mi: No, I'm Mi.

New Person: You're not me.

Mi: Yes, I am.

New Person: I'm me. You're you.

Yu: I'm Yu!

Mi and Ai: She's Yu!

New Person (to Ai): And who are you?

Ai: I'm Ai.

New Person: You're you.

Yu: I'm Yu!

Mi and Ai: She's Yu!

I never got much farther than that, though.

Except maybe they'd take a trip to Jamaica, and people would keep thinking that Ai was trying to sound like a Rastafarian.
Ai: I'm Ai.

Jamaican: No, it's "I 'n' I," not "I 'm' I."

Ai: What?

Jamaican: It's "I 'n' I," not "I 'm' I."

Ai: No, that's my name. I'm Ai.

Jamaican: Your name is Aimai?

Ai: No, my name is Ai.

Jamaican (philosophically): You're much more than your name.

Sometimes I get some pretty weird ideas.

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  1. The brain on auto-flail.

  2. There's an exchange in the courtroom scene of the film "What's Up Doc?" that operates on that principle:

    Howard: Then there was this problem between me and Hugh.

    Judge: You and me?

    Howard: No, me and Hugh.

    Hugh: I am Hugh.

    Judge: You are me?

    Hugh: No, I am Hugh.

    Judge: Stop saying that. Make him stop saying that!

    (Naturally, Hugh has a foreign accent that pronouncing the "h" sound.)

  3. @Nance, I actually had someone introduced to me in English as "This is Yu." I thought it was pretty funny, even though I didn't brain flail at all.

    @chanson, I suppose "Who's on first?" is the comedic godfather in both my case and What's Up Doc's.


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