Saturday, October 22, 2011

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (10/22/2011)

This is absolutely despicable. NPR couldn't get the producers of the show "World of Opera" to fire its host for exercising her freedom of speech and assembly, so they dropped the show instead.

Who steals from stores, worldwide.

A wobbly agnostic among the atheists.

Target employees speak.

Time Warner worker dies at her desk after supervisor tells co-worker to stop giving CPR and get back to work.

Wine snobbery made easy.

Reason number 186 to self-publish your book.

Life imitating art: Scott Hall, the Wrestler.

100 abandoned houses.

Scandanavia and the World -- pretty dang funny. Here's an explanation. Also, this is the first one I read. The last panel is how I feel about natto. Adagio for Strings was playing while I read it. Seemed perfectly appropriate.

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