Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (11/15/2011)

The brutal truth about Penn State.

Daddy put you in the top 1%.

World's Greatest Medical System: scorpion antivenin treatment that costs $500 in Mexico costs $62,000 in the USA.

Why Johnny can't search.

A message from God.

Rebecca Coriam: Lost at sea.

One might well surmise from his brilliantly brutal work that comic book genius Frank Miller is kind of a fascist dickwad. One would be right.

How the Yanks cocked up the cocker spaniel.

Coon-suit riot.

Women struggling to drink water.

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  1. Water: Oh, yeah, baby. All over your face.

    I thought the Coon-suit was going to be about this:


  2. Somebody needs to tell them that it works better if you put the bottle right on your lips.


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