Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The best of kuri 2011

My favorite posts from 2011 include:

In which I discover infinite regress in a cake,

Discussing potato chips with your son-in-law,

Understanding Biblical parables: The Wheat and the Tares,

I, Nephi, zombie hunter,

Frodo Son of Drogo,


My greatest moment in sports.

On my blog during 2011, I also:

Explained why people can't help laughing when a Mormon says, "My underwear is sacred!"

Wrote some haiku,

Proposed a more reasonable approach to pornography for the Mormon Church,

Continued the Adventures of Leonard McCoy, Space Doctor, during which Bones, Kirk and Spock encountered Tony the Tiger and Tweety Bird,

Helped readers understand some Biblical parables,

Was comforted by Twitter after the Japanese earthquake,

Discussed some things that I liked about Mormon theology,

Considered what makes a person or a religion "decent,"

Was sexually tense,

Mourned an irrevocably damaged relationship,

Presented some favorite Bible quotes,


Pondered the mystery of... The White Tiger.

How was your year?

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1 comment:

  1. Happy New Year, Kuri!
    2011 was alright for me. Thought it was taking the turn for the worse when the Mormon misshies started dropping by, but I've escaped and even like the last few misshies I met.

    Met new and interesting people and blogs. Now I get to check out a few more of your posts that I hadn't read yet. How cool is that to start off 2012? :D

    Please keep writing and have a blast this year, too!


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