Thursday, January 05, 2012

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (1/5/2012) possibly NSFW/C/P

(This post includes an image that may not be safe for work/children/prudes.)

Fourteen-year-old American citizen deported to Colombia.

"America’s Foreign Policy Community is now dropping the pro-freedom charade and talking openly (albeit euphemistically) about the need to oppose Arab democracy."

"[Ron] Paul is making one contribution to the foreign policy debate that could have enduring value. ...Paul routinely performs a simple thought experiment: He tries to imagine how the world looks to people other than Americans."

How psychopaths took over Wall Street.

Marvel lawyers argue IRL that mutants aren't human.

PayPal orders buyer to destroy vintage violin in order to receive a refund.

A heartwarming story of brotherly love.

The Banished Word list (does anyone still say "Thanks in advance"?)

What would you do with 250 copies of the Book of Mormon?

Question of the day: Is it objectification or is it art? Your answer will help me decide whether to buy this poster for my new house.)

Pink Floyd's "Back Catalogue"

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  1. If you like the poster enough to look at it everyday and it is meaningful to you, then I vote you get it for your house. If you have a visitor who is bold or comfortable enough to express they think it is objectification, then you have an opportunity for an interesting conversation.

  2. Hard to say. I've never seen a clear definition that allows people to determine what is and isn't. It's an amazing image though.

  3. If I saw it in someone's home, I would smile and take it in as a piece of art. I agree with Ruthie--great conversation piece. It's a bold, beautiful, colorful image, and it holds significance in our pop culture. If you like it, go for it.

    Besides, lots of famous art has butts in it. :)

  4. Thanks all. I think I'm getting it, if I can find the right spot for it.


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