Friday, March 09, 2012

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (3/9/2012)

Caught on tape! Did you know that Obama used to pal around with black people?!

And the race-baiting continues.

I use to wonder what why companies spent money on the environment. Then, in Japan, I worked on a project that tied a sales of a product to contributions to environmental causes. The contributions were paid out of the company's advertising budget. "Ah," I thought. "Now I know."

"Frankly, the professional experience I have had with TSA has frightened me," says former FBI agent.

How William Shatner stopped being ashamed of Star Trek. (BTW, Firefox's spell checker doesn't have "Shatner" in it. I ask you, what kind of dictionary doesn't include "Shatner"?)

Exotic dancers from the 1890s (no nudes). An interesting commentary on changing aesthetics.

Old books carved into art.

This guy used to be on the BBC.

"[The Olive Garden] is the largest and most beautiful restaurant now operating in Grand Forks." And a follow-up.

It's Subnormality's fifth anniversary. Yes I love xkcd, and I like Questionable Content very much, but I think on the whole, on a good day (which is most of them), Subnormality is my favorite web comic.

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