Friday, April 20, 2012

Kuri analyzes (not so) Great Art: Vampire Jesus Strikes Again!

Some pictures immediately tell a story. Like this one:

John thought that he could face Vampire Jesus alone, armed only with a hammer and a wooden stake, but Jesus was ready for him. John would be the first of his disciples, but he wouldn't be the last. Soon there would be 11 more, and Vampire Jesus would have a full coven of 12.

Here's a slightly improved version:

And before you Christians get all excited about me "mocking Jesus," read this.

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  1. Ha! This picture was really popular in my Jesus days, and (minus the hammer and stake) I always thought it looked a little...sexual? Never made the connection to vampires. I SO SHOULD HAVE. :)

  2. Yeah, it does look like he just slipped him a rufie or something. But then, vampirism is a big sexual metaphor anyway. And in this case Jesus looks so sinister, and the neck angle is perfect.

  3. I had never seen this picture before... What is it actually trying to say? Vampire Jesus makes way more sense than anything I could come up with...

  4. I think the idea is that we crucify Jesus every time we sin, but he supports us anyway. Something guilt-trippy like that.


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