Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Beat kuri's Quiz Score: Obamacare edition

How well do you know the Affordable Care Act? I got 10/10, so you can't actually beat me, but you can tie.

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  1. I got 8/10, but I really think it should have been 9/10. The wording of the first question was “or else pay a fine”. I thought this was a ‘trick question’, because President Obama stated that individuals will pay a “tax” not a ‘fine’.

    The one I did get wrong, though, was #7. I thought every business had to provide health insurance no matter the size.

    I find it incredible that our country will ‘universally’ spend trillions (of mostly borrowed money) ***to blow people up*** fighting highly debateable wars in other countries and even being the cause of death and life-time injuries to our own people, but will not spend significantly anything ‘universally’ for all of its people to ***fix people up***. And it’s the richest nation in the world!

    And then there are the people in ‘that particular political party’ (whose proposed leader makes me sick) who will rant about ‘socialism’. Give me a break!

    We already have SOCIALIZED, UNIVERSAL military.
    We already have SOCIALIZED, UNIVERSAL police services.
    We already have SOCIALIZED, UNIVERSAL fire brigade services.
    We already have SOCIALIZED, UNIVERSAL education.
    We already have SOCIALIZED, UNIVERSAL lots of things.
    What’s wrong with SOCIALIZED, UNIVERSAL (basic, catastrophic at the very least) health care for all citizens and legal aliens and leave everything else to the free market.

    But no, because of GREED, GREED, GREED!

    My wife and I just came back from an overseas trip and she had to have some medical attention at a government run clinic in that country. Amazing, erudite doctor! We did not use any American health care or other travel insurance. Cost (including the prescription medicine)? $24.00 US!!! Just my efing co-pay here in the States is almost that!

    The medical model in this country is abhorrent -- totally amoral.

    Sorry for the rant.

  2. Preach it, brother! ;)


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