Thursday, July 05, 2012

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (7/5/2012)

Peter Higgs: "A lot of famous people told us that we were wrong. Heisenberg told me I did not understand the rules of physics, which is pretty scary if you are 26 and are worried about getting a job."

Lost kids who were taught "stranger danger" hid from rescuers because they were strangers.

Privatization of public services in microcosm: Lifeguard fired for helping man who was drowning outside of contracted area.

Schooling the Romney campaign on how to make a Venn diagram.

People made a big deal about Anderson Cooper coming out as gay, but Frank Ocean confessing his love for a man will likely have a much bigger impact.

Strongest woman in America lives in poverty.

Ladies! Don't let your vagina smell like a vagina!

"And Fun? Say Dad, taxidermy's the grandest hobby in the world!"

Man buys short story on Kindle, gets mad because it's short.

Madeline/Harry Potter mashup.

"If You Don't Know Me by Now," Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes (on Soul Train, c. 1972).

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  1. “Janko said he was also fired after a manager asked if he'd leave his assigned zone to help someone in an unprotected area and he told his boss that he would.
    Jeff Ellis, an Orlando-based company, is contracted by the city and paid to man the beaches, but only in the most populated spots.”

    Yep, Republican capitalism at its finest. Would make any Romney/Trump one percenter proud, “We were paying you MONEY, not some other lifeguard on the next beach a few feet away. And besides, it was a proletariate, pubic beach for the 99%; so what if a few ‘em drown -- there’s plenty more. So, YOU’RE FIRED!”

    “Libresse is here to help! With green tea!”

    Well, how about that. Now I know why the other night in bed my wife asked me I wanted mine with one lump or two.

    "If You Don't Know Me by Now," Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes (on Soul Train, c. 1972).

    Love this song and a lot of others they recorded. Those were the days of some amazing sounds made by timeless artists. I noticed there weren’t any white and delightsome couples on the Soul Train dance floor. But I imagine a few years later (after 1978) everything changed. Just saying’; what do I know.

  2. That's life in a libertarian paradise. Swim outside our contracted area? We'll let you drown. Didn't pay your fire dept. bill? We'll let your house burn.

    Although in this case, the bad publicity -- including threats not to renew its contract -- led to the company offering the kid (and the 5 or 6 other lifegurards who were fired or resigned in solidarity) their jobs back.


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