Monday, September 17, 2012

Good Reads/ Random Cool Sites (9/17/2012)

Romney says what he really thinks about people who won't vote for him. A roundup of some discussion/context. And Digby.

The true face of "voter fraud." And some "credible information" on how hard it is for poor people to get IDs.

Very apropos this week, one of those articles that really explains a lot about the world: the distress of the privileged.

Remember Paul Frank Industries' racist Indian theme for Fashion's Night Out? They actually apologized and are trying to make things right.

Art and neuroscience.

Sins of a good Mormon boy.

Unbeliever Andrew H defends Jesus' teachings against Christians.

Further proof that bacon is nature's perfect food: Bacon sandwiches really do cure hangovers.

Jesus saith, "Age is just a number. You're very mature for your age. That's what matters."

Why we love dogs.

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