About me

I am or have been a son, brother, friend, lover, husband, father.

I am or have been a student, missionary, driver, teacher, environmentalist, editor, scholar, translator.

I am or have been a Protestant, New Ager, born-again Christian, deist, Mormon, atheist.

I am about 6'6" (196 cm) tall and weigh about 285 lbs (130 kg). I used to be able to dunk a basketball, but now I'm too old and/or fat. I own 10 baseball gloves. My head is shaved. My eyes are green, blue, or grey, depending on the light. I need glasses to see well. I might well be the hairiest person of Northern European descent you'd ever meet.

I have been on welfare, food stamps, and anti-depressants, but I've been off all of them for years. I have been bankrupt, but now my credit rating is excellent. My cars are 25 and 15 years old. I'd like to replace the 15-year-old one, but I wouldn't mind keeping the other for another 25 years.

My IQ has been professionally evaluated at well into the "genius" range. I have a mild or borderline case of Asperger's syndrome. I dropped out of high school for a semester and graduated late. I have a BA in Japanese. My GRE scores were 800/760/690. (The 690 is because I'm not very good at math; it embarrasses me a little.) I completed coursework for a PhD in political science but didn't finish my degree.

I have lived in or visited Michigan, California, Germany, Japan, Korea, Mexico, England, and Oregon.

I speak and read Japanese at a near-native level. I understand enough German that you should be wary of speaking secrets in front of me. I understand a smattering of Spanish and can sometimes even decipher a sentence or two of written French.

I have 13,000 songs on my hard drive. I have read somewhere around 4,000 to 5,000 books. I have watched well over 1,000 movies. I have written parts of two novels and three non-fiction books (though I haven't finished any of them). I have won awards for blogging and for translating. I have written a feature-length movie script and I have made short films. I have been paid to perform standup comedy.

And I am a blogger. Pleased to meet you.